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There are different types and prices of lawnmowers on the market. So you should compare their features to find one that suits your needs. We always love the look of a well-managed lawn. But we also learn that to have a beautiful lawn, we also need proper maintenance. A well-maintained lawn can add a relaxing vibe to your garden or backyard. Allowing you to enjoy the beautiful scenery with your family. However, lawn care can be a frustrating task, especially if you don’t own the right tools. Choosing the right mower can make mowing your lawn more enjoyable and keep your lawn looking healthier.

1. Petrol Lawnmowers
2. Electric Lawn Mowers
3. Push Lawnmower
4. Cordless Lawnmowers
5. Automatic Lawnmower

Besides evaluating your options and prices, you need to identify which type of lawn mower is best for your yard. Choosing the right lawn mower can be tricky, and the wrong choice can be a costly mistake. You should evaluate its weight, power, cost, safety features, ease of start-up, handling and manoeuvrability, and ease of waste disposal. Lawn mowers come in many sizes, types and price ranges. You should do a careful analysis before buying. There are a variety of issues to consider, such as the type and size of lawn.


The price you can afford, the lifespan of your lawnmower, and even your mechanical skills. As a lawnmower will require some maintenance. It’s also important to recognise the type and density of grass on your lawn. As this can determine lift rotation and size. The denser the grass, the more horsepower you need and the bigger the blade.

There is a lot of information on lawnmowers. So you can compare options and choose the best one for your lawn. If you’re replacing an old lawnmower, you already have a good idea of ​​what works for you. When you first move into a home, you need to know how many square feet of lawn you have. This is essential because recommendations for various lawn mowers are based in part on lawn size measured in square feet. If your yard is large or sloping, buy a self-propelled lawn mower with adjustable speed. So you can set the mower to move at a comfortable walking speed. Mowers with a blade brake clutch will not shut off when released.

If your lawn is flat or small, a push mower may be right for you. These variants are cheap and easy to use, but pushing them requires more work. Push mowers are simpler than self-propelled mowers, so they break down less often. Some homeowners also prefer walk-behind mowers because they are more environmentally friendly.

Mowers online

If your lawn is an acre or more, you may need a lawnmower. Don’t confuse lawn mowers with lawn or garden tractors. A riding mower’s cutting deck is in the front, while a riding mower’s cutting deck mounted in the middle. This makes riding mowers more manoeuvrable. But riding mowers can accept attachments like electric field cultivators, pole diggers, or snow. Riding mowers present difficulty on hillsides, especially when the grass is wet, due weight. A garden tractors have solid wheels and higher ground clearance.

Choosing a dealer that offers equipment options for your lawn mower is an excellent decision. If you need someone to service your lawn mower, a service dealer is the best option. However, you will keep the mower running if you do some maintenance. Such cleaning the engine and blades after each use. Oiling and lubricating, replacing dull blades, draining electric models like the gas engine before prolonged storage. Check that the power cord is intact.

High Quality mowers

High Quality Lawnmowers at an affordable price, mowing is an important part of keeping your lawn. Park or sports field in good condition. If you don’t mow your lawn, it will look ugly and lose its health. If you want to maintain a regular mowing routine, you need one of our reliable mowers. Mowers Online sells a wide range of lawn mowers in the UK. It comes from leading manufacturers such as Cobra, Hayter, Stiga and Mountfield. We offer petrol mowers, electric mowers, cordless mowers, rotary mowers, rear rollers and many more garden power tools in stock.

Browse our range of reliable lawn mowers from the UK, whatever your purpose. We have mowers for any size lawn you need. If you need any further information or advice, please contact us; a member of our expert team will be happy to assist you.ok

1. Petrol Lawnmowers

Petrol Lawnmowers

A Kawasaki 179cc variable speed commercial engine and benefits from Toro’s 3-in-1 recovery system. Powers the Toro Professional 22207 HDX Turfmaster lawnmower, a large 88-litre straw bale.

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Designed for heavy duty use and harsh cutting conditions. They designed the 22207 to incorporate commercial grade components and impact protection for the mower and engine. These advanced features ensure long product life and complete user confidence.

The 22207 features a 3-in-1 reclaimer, and its patented blade and cutting chamber design means they chop grass clippings up. They then thrown the clippings onto the lawn, where they break down, helping to fertilise the soil and keep moisture. The 88-litre straw bag has improved suction for more efficient clipping collection. For less formal areas, the sidewalk grass chute ejects grass clippings and wilts them in a row.

The Blade Brake Clutch prevents the blades from spinning when the engine stopped. A handy feature that ensures maximum productivity when emptying grass bags or moving the mower around driveways and gravel.

2. Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric Lawn Mowers

Best Brands of Electric Lawnmowers
You have a small patch of lawn that you want to keep tidy. Then you might consider an electric lawn mower as an excellent investment, as it is lighter, quieter. Requires less maintenance than a gasoline engine. All electric lawn mowers offered on our website come with a full manufacturer’s warranty. Our selection includes Allett electric cylinder mowers, Flymo electric stationary mowers. Electric rotary mowers from Bosch, Hayter, Mountfield, Cobra, AL-KO and more.

Our range of electric mowers will feature a variety of cutting styles. Including drum mowers, self-propelled, hover mowers, rotary mowers, and chopper models. Easy to operate, hover power mowers are a popular choice for small to medium lawns or difficult-to-navigate areas. You’re looking for the perfect striped finish for your lawn. Look no further than our rotary mowers. Available in a variety of sizes to fit all lawns from small to large.

You are not sure which electric model is right for you. Please contact our team of experts who will be happy to help you with your purchase.

We believe the Cobra MX46SPE is the best self-propelled electric rotary lawnmower in the United Kingdom. Self-propelled electric rotary lawn mower are hard to find and can therefore be quite expensive.


MX46SPE is a well-designed and value-for-money machine with many features only associated with more expensive gasoline lawn mowers.

The MX46SPE cut width of 18 inches and can set in 7 original positions from 25 to 75mm. The motor is a powerful 1800w and self-propelled. Push models are more difficult to climb than the mower.
4-in-1 cutting function lets you choose

  • Mow and collect
  • Side discharge clippings
  • Rear discharge clippings
  • Mulch clippings

For more formal lawns, use the gathering or shredding function for longer lawn areas. Switch to rear or side discharge so clippings can wither.
The Cobra MX46SPE comes with a 60-litre hardtop fabric grass catcher and a 15-meter power cord.

3. Push Lawnmower

Push Lawnmower

Push mowers and grass boxes
Traditional push mowers are suitable for smaller, flatter lawns. These push lawn mowers are the most environmentally friendly way to cut grass without the use of gasoline or electricity.
Our range of push mowers includes walk-behind roller mowers.

Webb 18 Inch Hand Push Cylinder Lawnmowers £149.99

Traditional push-drum mower with 2-piece rear roller.
The Webb H18 is an 18-inch walk-behind lawn mower with a 5-blade cutting cylinder. The cylinder provides a finer cut and finish to the grass. Can also adjust without the use of tools up to 75mm. H 18’s rear rollers provide that striped effect. Ideal for smaller lawns that require striped cutting.

The mower’s side wheels design for larger grassy areas. The Webb H18 mower comes with a front 22 litre mower. Grass clippings thrown forward on this type of machine, the catcher snaps into place above the cylinder.

4. Cordless Lawnmowers

Cordless Lawnmowers

Industry-leading cordless battery mowers
As demand for cleaner, greener products continues to increase across the industry. Gardening equipment manufacturers are striving to produce the most powerful and advanced cordless battery-powered lawn mowers. The higher the battery voltage, the more power the 24v produces. The lithium-ion batteries used in these lawnmowers are cheaper, lighter and more environmentally friendly than previous lead-acid (NiCad) batteries. Equipped with height-of-cut change and variable width-of-cut. These mowers are easy to manoeuvre and are a brilliant choice when dealing with tall grass.

One of the biggest selling points of cordless lawn mowers is that they are silent and easy to move. Without cords to hang on to the bushes, a battery powered cordless lawnmower will be your machine of choice. All the current cordless lawnmowers featured on our website are from well-known brands. They offer exceptional quality and functionality in all their machines. Browse our catalog of Mountfield, Stiga, EGO, AL-KO and Cobra cordless lawn mowers. The latest range of 4 wheel, rear drum and battery self propelled we can view lawnmowers on the website. We maintain a wide range in our showroom.

Toro 22275 Proline 60v Cordless Self-propelled Mower c/w 2 x Batteries and Charger £1,869.00

Cordless lawn mower

New for 2021, Toro’s 22275 60v Cordless Lawnmower features a self-propelled transmission for the professional market and discerning homeowners. The 53cm 4-wheel recycling lawnmower comes with two 7.5Ah batteries and a 5Ah charger. Giving you everything you need in one kit. Powerful 2Kw brushless motor is reliable and lasts longer than the brushed version.

Toro 22275 Features:

  • Profession 60v Cordless Mower
  • 2Kw Brushless Motor
  • 53 cm / 21″ Aluminium Deck
  • Self-propelled Drive
  • 1 year commercial, 2 year Domestic and Engine Warranty

The 22275 walk-behind lawn mower features a lightweight but corrosion-resistant 53cm aluminum deck for maintaining medium to large lawns. Simple operation, one-button start, single-speed easy. Cordless lawn mowers benefit from Toro’s recycling cutting system, including a large 77-litre grass bag, mulch and discharge options. Four cutting heights ranging in length from 25 to 114 mm.

5. Automatic Lawnmower

Automatic Lawnmower

Automatic/Robot Lawnmowers
Automatic or robotic lawnmowers are available for a variety of grass species. These robotic lawnmowers offer the best way to mow your lawn with ease. No need to collect clippings, silent and almost silent, no oil/oil, no emissions.

Our range of automatic lawn mowers are suitable for home lawns. It equipped these automatic lawn mowers with a rain sensor. So the lawn mower stops in the rain and equipped with a car anti-theft device.
We sell robotic lawnmowers from leading manufacturers RoboMow, Ambrogio and AL-KO

Special Order Items – Please take at least 10 business days to process. Please contact us for more information.

They designed the Ambrogio L400 Deluxe for turf maintenance on sports fields, golf courses, airports and municipal lands. It is suitable for up to 8 separate extensive lawn areas covering up to 20,000 square meters.

Its advanced navigation system creates and stores maps of mowing areas and working hours. You can interact with the L400i in any location with the ZCS connect system.

They designed the Ambrogio L400i Deluxe to trim extensive areas and. They mounted 3 sturdy steel cutting blades with floating cutting arms. Allowing the mower to leave a precise finish on uneven ground. Durable and flexible wide wheels grip the ground, giving the mower impressive manoeuvrability.
Includes charging station.


Features of Ambrogio L400 Robotic Lawnmower:

  • GPS and Smart Partition Cutting System
  • Efficient Brushless Motor
  • Long-lasting lithium battery
  • Precise cut even on slopes up to 45%
  • Durable and lightweight carbon casing
  • Differential GPS


Helpful Tips:

Helpful Tips:

Which brand of lawn mower is the most reliable?
Lifestory Research’s 2020 Most Trusted Lawn Mower Brands in America study identified John Deere. The most trusted brand among people considering purchasing a lawnmower. John Deere has a Net Confidence quotient score of 111.5. Giving it a 5-star trust rating among those who buy lawnmowers.

What size lawn mower do I need?
The size of your garden.
20-inch push mowers are great for small gardens. But you may need a 21- to 22-inch mower for larger gardens to reduce mowing time. For lawns larger than 3/4 acre, consider a rear-engine mower or lawn and garden tractor.

How to choose a lawn mower?
To find out what size you need. Divide the lawn mower deck size by 12 to get an approximation of the area your lawn mower can handle. So, a residential mower with a 54-inch deck can mow up to 4.5 acres. That’s a lot of grass, and it can cause serious wear and tear on residential-grade lawn mowers throughout the season.

Photo by Andres Siimon on Unsplash

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