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basic cleaning

Basic Cleaning of Vacuum Cleaner

Hand Brush, a piece of cloth, basic cleaning important parts to clean.

  • Filters
  • Tubing
  • Roller
  • Brush

Disassemble the tubing, filters, rollers and other parts required for cleaning. Make sure to note every piece detached so can reassemble them again without trouble.

Tools for Basic Cleaning

Poor sucking off a vacuum is caused by rotator clogging. Debris, hair, dust, the small particle clogging will affect the rotation and won’t rotate at maximum speed. So the time cleaning the vacuum cleaner.

Tools for Basic Cleaning

Turn the back of the vacuum and check the hose. Unscrew the parts holding the vacuum hose. Detach them to check properly, remove the dirt inside the vacuum hose. After cleaning the vacuum hose snap them back. Connect again and screw to hold them back.

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Basic Cleaning The Roller

Snaps off the roller and remove the roller base support and clean. Pulled out the roller and detached to the motor belt. Use a stick or knife, scissors to cut off the dirt accumulated by the roller. Remove hair, dust, small particle surrounding the roller. Make sure to clean the roller brushes.
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Check the motor belt and find if a crack is present. Decide if the belt is worn out and need a replacement. After cleaning the filters, the tube, the vacuum ready to work.

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