Electric Lawnmower

Electric Lawn Mower

Industry-leading electric lawn mower, if you want to keep a neat patch of grass. You might think an electric lawn mower a good investment. This lawn mowers are lighter and quieter than gasoline lawn mowers. Electric lawn mowers use a variety of cutting methods, including cylindrical lawn mowers, hanging lawn mowers, and rotary lawn mowers. Provide lawn mowers and electric lawn mowers.

All-electric lawn mowers on our website have a full manufacturer’s warranty. Our options include Allett electric lawn mowers. Flymo electric lawn mowers and Bosch, Mountfield, Cobra, AL-KO and Hayter electric rotary lawn mowers.

Bosch Lawnmower:

Bosch 32LI ErgoFlex Cordless Rotary Lawnmower

The Bosch 32LI Ergoflex is a wireless lawn mower that offers many advantages over traditional electric and gas lawn mowers. With a wireless lawn mower, it has no cable restrictions or gasoline emissions. It can operate on a 36v lithium-ion battery and has an efficient power management system. It can extend the runtime of up to 15%. The machine also has a battery charge indicator.

The cutting width of the mower is 32 cm. We can adjust the cutting height in 3 different positions from 30 mm to 60 mm. It also equips the machine is also with a combed straw comb. This machine is lightweight, weighing only 10.2 kilograms, and has an integrated handle. This makes the machine easy to transport, which is useful if you have a lot of areas to cut. The Ergo-Flex handle designed to make the lawn mower easier to control and ergonomic. The machine also has a foldable handle, making it easier to store when not in use.


  • Propulsion: Push
  • Power Type: Battery
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • Voltage Battery: 36v
  • Battery Charge Time: 1.5 hours

Electric cylinder mowers

Lawn mower cylinder will ensure that your lawn has the best finish and mowing effect. Which is what lawn mower lawn mowers can achieve? The cylindrical mower has a set of cutting blades at the front end, can adjust at very low cutting heights. The front and rear rollers provide a traditional striped effect to the lawn, making you envy your neighbors.

We can use some lawn mowers with ac cylinders with other lawn care accessories. It includes ripper boxes, aerator boxes or lawn care brushes. A lawn care box can replace the mowing tank. The ac cylinder mowers are quieter. The more friendly way to grow beautiful lawns on a small scale without using a gasoline engine.

Allett Sandringham 14E Electric Cylinder Lawnmower

Because the Allett Sandringham 14E uses a quick-change cartridge system. We can use it with an optional 14-inch loose paper tray that can purchase. Sandringham 14E also has an extra-long 22.5m power cord, which means you don’t even need an extension cord. For safety reasons, we always recommend it is always to use RCDs (leakage devices) with all-electric garden machinery.


  • Model: Sandringham 14E
  • Type: Electric, cylinder
  • Power: Mains electric
  • Motor: 420W fitted with thermal protection
  • Drive: Self-propelled
  • Cutting Width: 14″ / 35cm
  • Cutting Cylinder: 5 bladed

Automatic Lawn Mower

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Electric Lawnmower

Electric Lawnmowers: Should I Buy Mains Or Battery Powered?

Electric Lawnmowers

High summer, your lawn is getting longer because your mower no longer work. Time to buy a new electric lawnmower and you fancy going along the electric route. Unsure whether to go without a cord or corded. Left with the question, you wish to find the excellent for the environment and best for you?

A big step in the right direction in helping the environment, that you’re going with electric lawnmowers than petrol. Understood well those gallons of petrol-guzzling machines of days gone by for emitting both noise and toxin pollution.

The greener the lawn, the less green the products;

Those with a passion for the perfect lawn may want to cut their lawns more than once a week. Such events if they are entering Britain’s Greatest Lawn competition run by lawnmower manufacturers Briggs and Stratton.

Electric Lawnmowers: Should I Buy Mains Or Battery Powered?

A side effect of having the greener lawn is that it will be less green. Take that either way, you read it, but the main points. Add chemicals to improve its shade of green, then you’ll be traversing the line into the damaging arena.

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Allett Sandringham 14E Electric Cylinder Lawnmower
Allett Sandringham 14E Electric Cylinder Lawnmower
Price: £565.00

Add lawns much with practical support for the environment. Example, they don’t do for other species in nature. Can stabilize soils and give somewhere pleasant for us to enjoy looking at, walking on or sitting.

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Investing in either a corded or cordless electric lawnmower. A great step in the right direction toward responsible buyers. Think either of the different electric powered lawn mower types offers excellent cutting. Well-developed the lithium battery, might sway our preference now more towards the cordless.

Recognized now Lithium batteries as being 30% more efficient than they used. Compared to an older style gel battery equipped cordless mowers, weigh 40% less. Can expect to enjoy 10 years of battery life from them with regular use.

Electric Lawnmower: Should I Buy Mains Or Battery Powered?

Whichever electric lawnmowers you opt for–the corded electric lawnmower or the cordless lawn mower. Pleased to tell you.

Electric lawnmowers than petrol a big step in the right direction helping the environment. They well understood those gallons of petrol-guzzling machines…

photo by Rennett Stowe from flickr


Flymo UltraGlide Electric Hover Mower
Flymo UltraGlide Electric Hover Mower
Price: £149.99
John Deere R43EL Mains Electric Lawn mower
John Deere R43EL Mains Electric Lawn mower
Price: £409.99
Flymo Chevron 37VC Electric Wheeled Lawn mower
Flymo Chevron 37VC Electric Wheeled Lawn mower
Price: £129.99
Mountfield Princess 38 LI (48v) Cordless Rear Roller Lawn mower
Mountfield Princess 38 LI (48v) Cordless Rear Roller Lawn mower
Price: £369.00

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