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Dibea stick D18 lightweight wireless best vacuum cleaner

Dibea stick D18 lightweight wireless best vacuum cleaner. The word “bar vacuum,” the only brand you can think of is Dyson. The great quality and performance of the Dyson vacuum cleaner are undeniable. Many brands can compete with Dyson in terms of quality. One company is Dibea.

Dibea is another manufacturer from China. The company has more than a decade of experience in producing impressive vacuum cleaners, rods, and robots. One of Dibea’s earlier models, the C17, was how it became a strong contender for Dyson V7 and V8.

We will look at the updated vacuum cleaner from the Chinese manufacturer: the Dibea D18 lightweight wireless vacuum cleaner. Let’s see if the D18 can follow the same steps as the successful C17.

Whisper quiet

It is not literal, but you understand the idea. The two cleaning modes of the D18 produce very similar noise levels. In low-power conditions, this barrel vacuum produces 60 decibels, while in high-power status only 15 decibels higher! In a high-power positions, you still use the snoring of a vacuum to scare children and pets. At least you won’t embarrass.

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One might wonder if a vacuum cleaner (vacuum cleaner) can vacuum dirt and particles embedded in the carpet. We assure you you don’t have to worry.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The D18 has two levels of suction: low-power and high-power. This bar divided into 4,000 pa and 9,000 pa vacuum at low and high. This large quantity of power work well in most pumping operations.

Between 4,000 and 9,000 pa, not the best, compared to the more expensive model. Still, enough to collect particles and lost hair. By placing one accessory (crack nozzle, 2-in-1 brush, mini brush). You can increase the suction of the D18 during certain cleaning tasks.

Multi-face brush

Although the suction is mediocre, our favorite thing about the D18 is its multi-faceted brush. When switching between carpet and hardwood surfaces or tiles, you no longer need to change brushes. Let the electric brush loose the debris, while the tip absorbs most of the dust at once.

4-stage filtration Method It equips the D18 with a 4-stage filtration scheme that prevents the smallest particles from escaping from the trash can. After the tip collects debris from the floor, it passes through a stainless steel mesh and a cyclone. The separator divides the pieces according to size. The larger particles fall into the trash can, and it traps the tiny dust in the dense cotton filter.

Many other pole vacuum cleaners on the market, it equips the D18 with a practical wall mount. We recommend placing the wall bracket near the socket to charge the vacuum when not in use. Expect nothing too elegant on the wall bracket, such as load capacity. It’s a piece of plastic stuck to the wall, nothing else.

The Running Time

The D18 doesn’t have the best running time. But adequate doing much of work on a large scale. When you run LOW POWER and HIGH POWER modes, you will get 45 minutes and 25 minutes of working time.

It equips the D18 with a 2,200 mAh lithium-ion battery. Charging the 0% battery takes 5 hours. The battery will not have the finish for an hour, after waiting for 5 hours. You want to decrease downtime; we recommend that you buy added batteries from Dibea.

That the D18 has an electric meter that lets you learned how much battery it has left. You can find the battery meter in the handle.

LED light

It needs to clean in lit areas such as sofas, beds, and closets. It equips the D18 with a bright LED light on the vacuum head. Help you find out where the dust rabbits are hiding.


If you have ever used a battery vacuum cleaner, you know that vacuum parts can wear. The D18 is no exception, so we recommend that you check the replacement parts when. If you need to capture pet dander and other microscopic allergens. You can even buy a HEPA filter for this vacuum cleaner.

The weight

Cordless stick vacuum cleaners should be lightweight so you can vacuum without losing balance. The assembled vacuum cleaner weighs only 4.8 pounds. A 1 pound heavier than the C17 and it’s very light.

This is not the lightest vacuum cleaner, but it does not cause fatigue when cleaning dust on curtains or overhead.

One of the most annoying things vacuum cleaners. When you are in the middle of the vacuum container, the trash can be full. This means going to the nearest container and emptying the container. They equip the D18 with a large 0.55-liter trash can. Empty the container from time to time. But at least you can work longer without interruption.

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It amazes us at performing the C17. But, although the updated version of the Dibea D18 Stick Vacuum is a respectable vacuum cleaner. It is disappointing in terms of performance. They should remember that this idea, not an expensive model; in fact, in most retailers, you can choose less than one Benjamin.

For most domestic vacuum cleaners, the tool collects most of the waste in one pass. Make sure you picked up the right nozzle to make sure proper work to improve suction and cleaning performance.


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