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garden tractor

Garden Tractor best built for more heavy-duty work

Garden tractors are only used for pruning, which is something that ordinary lawn mowers can accomplish. Consider the heavier work when building a garden tractor.

The tires of garden tractors have good traction and can work in the garden. The fuel tank is small (about 5 gallons). PTO with hydraulic clutch (can be electric or electric) and some provide 4WD. According to the specifications, the garden tractor can use with a full set of compatible accessories. Such as dump trucks, trailers, field cultivators, pavers, snow blowers, blades, road rollers. Sprinklers, gear scrapers, discs, plows, cultivators, and rotating broom.

Garden Tractor

The power output shaft (PTO) of the tractor allows you to use this equipment. But if abused, it may also cause major safety issues. PTO is an axle on the rear of the tractor. Can transmit the tractor’s power to another tool or equipment, such as a manure spreader or planter. The Wisconsin Rural Health Office stated that up to 20% of farm injuries cause by PTO accidents. Therefore, the operational safety of PTO is of paramount importance. Ensure the tractor’s Cardan shaft guarded to minimize the chance of getting stuck. Keep children away from your tractor during an operation.

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Lawn or garden tractors can cross the alleys and corrals of horses or pull small fertilizer or feed carts. However, it is not suitable for conventional field operations, sandy soil operations, or large-scale feeding or manure treatment. Lawn tractors can be an expensive option for riders-when you buy tractors, carts, and other accessories. You may have reached the same price range as compact tractors. You can buy half of the tractors at the same price. If you plan to buy two tractors, consider buying a barn or a light lawnmower.

Heavy-duty work

The original garden tractor that appeared at the start of the last century two-wheeled versions. Like most machinery, they were large and heavy, in sharp contrast to modern tractors. After the 1950s, the popularity of two-wheel garden tractors reached its peak, and four-wheel tractors became popular.

Garden Tractors

Tips when choosing a garden tractor

  • The most important aspect of buying a second-hand tractor is the condition. You are looking for a second-hand tractor in the market.
  • Find a tractor in excellent condition (it is best to use as many implements as possible). Please buy it.
  • Look for a popular brand in your area so you can buy some parts with the same accessories.
  • Choose the wattage. Six horsepower is enough to power a small tractor, while the other half power a two-wheeler.
  • If you buy an old tractor, please stay away from the automatic transmission. The former is not efficient and very complicated.
  • Make sure that the model you choose a real lawn tractor, not a lawn tractor designed for mowing. Most manufacturers offer two types.
  • Avoid using isolated tractor brands but don’t expect many dealers today to have a lot of old tractor parts.


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