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How to choose the best lawn mowers for your lawn

Which types of lawn mowers are best for my garden? This problem arises because there are so many patios and so many lawn mowers. For much of the country, mowing season is upon us, and many homeowners have an age-old question. Let’s look at the different lawn mowers, and which type of lawn is best for each.

Manual Reel Mowers
Walk-behind lawn mowers are great for tiny lawns that are flat and smooth. If you have a small, flat lawn, this may be the best mower for you. Reel mowers are lightweight because they have no motor and few moving parts. So they can last a long time with little maintenance, and they are quiet. Other than that, reel mowers do a good job of cutting grass, although they miss tall weeds. The major disadvantage of a reel mower is that you go fast for optimal cutting performance.

Lawn Mowers

Battery electric lawn mower
Again, this is a good option for those with small, flat lawns. They can use for larger lawns than reel mowers. The nice thing about these types of mowers is that they are quiet and durable. It will cut grass well no matter how fast you go. If you choose a battery-powered lawn mower, there are several major drawbacks. First, when the battery is depleted, the mower’s cutting ability decreases. Which can lead to multiple charges if your lawn is too large to charge at once. Second, rechargeable batteries only last a while, and replacing them can be expensive. Almost as much as buying a new lawn mower. They don’t work well if the grass is thick, or the garden is uneven.

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Electric lawn mower
Electric lawn mowers are the big brother of battery-powered lawn mowers. We can use these types of mowers on any lawn. Up to three-quarters of an acre if you have enough extension cords. Modern electric lawn mowers are powerful, very efficient, and quiet. They require brief service or maintenance. So they’re a brilliant choice for small, flat gardens, they can make large lawns as well. The downside to these types of mowers is that they must connect to electricity via an extension cord. Which you to carry with you when mowing.


Gasoline push lawn mower
This class of mowers has the most mower types in its class, which makes choosing a mower even more difficult. These mowers share the fact that a gasoline engine. Which will require more maintenance than the mowers we’ve discussed so far, powers them. They are also heavier and noisier than the mowers mentioned above. We can use the gas mower on lawns. Up to 1 acre and will work with any type of grass, no matter how rough it is.

The only thing stopping this type of lawn mower from doing any size lawn. The amount of walking you’re willing to do. For lawns of an acre or more, consider a self-propelled lawn mower. You also need to figure out between a two-stroke or four-stroke engine. Four-stroke engines use regular gasoline, while two-stroke engines require you to mix special oils with gasoline. Four-stroke engines are easier to use, but two-stroke engines are quieter and more durable.

High Quality Lawn Mowers At An Affordable Price

Riding lawn mower
There are almost as many types of ride-on lawn mowers as there are walk-behind ride-on lawn mowers. It divided them into lawn mowers (the smallest type), lawn tractors (very large with many options), and zero-turn mowers. If your lawn is more than an acre, own a lawn mower. When mowing a large lawn, this type of mower will save you a lot of time and effort. If you have a lot of trees or other obstacles in your yard that can move, consider a zero-turn mower. Only people who have large lawns and do a lot of gardening and other heavy outdoor yard work. Should own a lawn mower the size of a garden tractor.

Mowing is an important part of keeping your lawn, park, or sports field in good condition. You don’t mow your lawn, it will look unsightly and become less healthy. If you want to maintain a regular mowing routine. You need one of our reliable mowers. Mowers Online sells a wide range of lawn mowers in the UK from leading manufacturers. Such as Cobra, Hayter, Stiga, and Mountfield. We have petrol mowers, electric mowers, cordless mowers, rotary mowers, rear rollers, and many more garden power tools in stock.

Browse our range of reliable lawn mowers from the UK, whatever your purpose. We have mowers for any size lawn you have. You need any further information or advice, please contact us; a member of our expert team will be happy to assist you.

Petrol Lawnmowers

As the UK’s leading supplier of lawn mowers, our range of petrol mowers offers the best choice for your garden. No matter the shape and size. We stock a wide range of petrol mowers, including self-propelled, riding mowers, push mowers, rear rollers, and more. In our range of petrol lawn mowers, you’re sure to find the machine that works best for your garden. Giving you even result and a well-maintained garden. Choose a self-propelled mower for those gardens that are more difficult to maintain or choose a back roller. For that designer lawn face.

Home and Garden

Designed for high-performance gardening. Our gasoline mowers provide unmatched lawn quality and finish, thanks to the incredible power that’s not limited by a cord. Petrol mowers are heavier than electric or cordless mowers, mowing is easier with our self-propelled petrol mowers; choose from top brands like Al-Ko, Cobra, Hayter, Stiga, and more. Shop with confidence at Mowers-Online by fuel and drive type to find the best lawn mower for your garden.

Honda HRH 536 QX Pro Self-Propelled Rear Drum Mower: Featuring a self-propelled single-speed transmission and a high-strength alloy deck. This 163cc engine rear-drum model is a proven professional choice for medium to large lawns.

It has a Roto-stop safety feature, which means you can empty the straw bag without stopping the motor.


Honda 163cc OHV GXV160 4-stroke engine
Recoil Start
Self-propelled Rear Roller
Heavy Duty Aluminium Deck
21 inch / 53cm Cutting Width
Cutting Heights 5 from 14 – 52 mm
83 litre Grassbag Capacity
Roto-stop safety system
Weight 58kg
3 position Handle Height Adjustment

Dimensions (LxWxH) : 1695 x 575 x 1020 mm

Our team of experts is ready to help if you’re having trouble choosing to buy our premium gasoline lawn mower. Read some of our expert advice pages, contact us to take advantage of our experts’ years of garden machinery experience.

Electric Lawn Mowers

You have a small patch of grass that you want to keep tidy. You might consider an electric lawn mower as an excellent investment, as it is lighter, quieter. It requires less maintenance than a gasoline engine. All-electric lawn mowers offered on our website come with a full manufacturer’s warranty. Our selection includes Allett electric cylinder mowers, Flymo electric stationary mowers. The electric rotary mowers from Bosch, Hayter, Mountfield, Cobra, AL-KO, and more.

Our range of electric mowers will feature a variety of cutting styles. It includes drum mowers, self-propelled, hover mowers, rotary mowers, and chopper models. Easy to operate, hover power mowers are a popular choice for small to medium lawns or difficult-to-navigate areas. You’re looking for the perfect striped finish for your lawn. Seek no further than our rotary mowers. Available in a variety of sizes to fit all lawns from small to large.

You are not sure which electric model is right for you. Please contact our team of experts who will be happy to help you with your purchase.

Push Lawnmower

Push mowers and grass boxes
Traditional push mowers are suitable for smaller flat lawns. These push lawn mowers are the most environmentally friendly way to cut grass without the use of gasoline or electric.
Our range of push mowers includes walk-behind roller mowers.

TA traditional push-drum mower with a 2-piece rear roller.
The Webb H18 is an 18-inch walk-behind lawn mower with a 5-blade cutting drum. The cylinder provides a finer cut and finish to the grass, and can adjust without the use of tools up to 75mm. After the streak effect, the rear scroll wheel on the H 18 can provide this grade. Ideal for smaller lawns that require striped cutting.

The mower’s side wheels were designed for larger grassy areas. The Webb H18 riding mower comes with a front 22-litre mower. Grass clippings are thrown forward on this type of machine, the catcher snaps into place above the cylinder.

  • Model : H18
  • Type : Cylinder
  • Cutting Width : 18 inch
  • Cutting Height Adjustments : Tool less
  • Cylinder : 5 bladed, hardened steel
  • Rear Roller : Yes, 2 piece
  • Grass Collector : 22 litre
  • Weight : 21 kg
  • Warranty : Manufacturer’s 2 year


Cordless Lawn Mowers

Industry-leading cordless battery mowers
As demand for cleaner, greener products continues to grow across the industry. Garden equipment manufacturers are striving to produce the most powerful and advanced cordless battery-powered lawn mowers. The higher the battery voltage, the more power the 24v produces. The lithium-ion batteries used in these lawnmowers are cheaper, lighter, and more environmentally friendly than previous lead-acid (NiCad) batteries. Equipped with height-of-cut change and variable width-of-cut. These mowers are easy to manoeuvre and are a brilliant choice when dealing with tall grass.

Hayter GreenSeries™ introduces a modern and more environmentally friendly battery-powered lawn mower. The Green Series mowers are available in three designs: Osprey, Hawk, or Harrier. They function differently than the Harrier, a high-spec lawnmower.

The Harrier 41 GreenSeries™ lawn mower uses a universal 60V power system for Toro and Hayter cordless lawn mowers. The Harrier 41 VS (377) has many features for gas models. Such as variable-speed automatic drive, variable pitch, side change, and 2-piece ribbed rear rollers.

Home and Garden

If you love streaks in your lawn, reel mowers are the way to get them. Hayter makes some of the best rear-reel mowers on the market. This Harrier 41 cordless lawn mower only adds to the range of its bestsellers.

With a cutting width of 41 cm, the self-propelled Harrier 41 VS 377A is ideal for cutting smaller formal grasses. Where the best cut and finish are rated. For short and neat cuts, we can adjust the cutting height in 7 positions from 60 to 13 mm. A tight cut and rear roller will help you get the best finish and streak on your lawn.

Recommended for lawns up to 600 square meters. The 377KIT75 includes the mower, 7.5 Ah battery, and standard battery charger. The higher the Ah, the longer the battery will work.

One of the biggest selling points of cordless lawn mowers is that they are silent and easy to move. With no cords to hang on to the bushes, a battery-powered cordless lawn mower will be your machine of choice. Well-known brands that offer quality and prominent features on all of their machines offer. All current cordless lawn mowers are featured on our website. Browse our catalog of Mountfield, Stiga, EGO, AL-KO, and Cobra cordless lawn mowers. The latest range of 4 wheel, rear roller, and battery self-propelled mowers saw on the website. We maintain a wide range of ranges in our showroom.

Automatic Lawnmower

Automatic or robotic lawnmowers are available for a variety of grass species. These robotic lawnmowers offer the best hassle-free way to mow your lawn without collecting clippings. The robotic models are silent, almost silent, have no gasoline/oil, and have no emissions.

Our range of automatic lawn mowers for home lawns features a rain sensor to stop the mower when it rain. An anti-theft device to let you know your investment is safe for added security and peace of mind. These robotic lawnmowers can also navigate obstacles with built-in sensors, ensuring a high-quality finish.

Home and Garden

The AL-KO SOLO Robolinho® range of automatic lawn mowers combines superior design with functional lawn mowers. They offer simple instructions and quiet operation, and the result is a maintained lawn. The 2000W is the largest in the range. With a cutting width of 23 cm and a surface area of ​​up to 2000 square meters. The powerful 4.4 Ah battery provides a longer runtime of 180 minutes, depending on lawn conditions. Connect your lawnmower to your phone using the InTouch app. Compatible with Apple® and Android® devices, you can program many functions.

SOLO Robolinho® 2000w Features:

  • Easy to Set Up – Easy to read display. Just press a few buttons to set the desired mowing time.
  • SIMPLE PROGRAMMING – The control panel is easy to use, enter mowing times and let the mower do the work.
  • Charging Station: The lawnmower has a return function that takes you home at the touch of a button. The mower doesn’t own enough power to complete its task. It charges itself.

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