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irobot roomba

iRobot Roomba: The Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner invented and retailed by the firm iRobot. The Roomba distributed in 2002, current models delivered in 2003, 2004, and further. These days, millions of them have sold. IRobot Roomba the successful and popular robotic vacuum cleaner.


  • Remote control—This allows you to control the Roomba faraway.
  • Scheduler—Program Roomba to clean house on schedule, even you are out. The scheduler updates pre-2.1 Roomba robot to 2.1 software.
  • Homebase—Where Roomba will return automatic recharging.
  • Virtual wall—This used in keeping Roomba out of certain areas.
  • OSMO—a dongle connects to the sequential port of Roomba.


The Roomba a sphere, thirteen inches width, fewer than four inches high. A large contact sensing bumper mounted on the frontal half of the unit. An infrared sensor at the top front center, a carrying handle fitted at the top. Can come with one or two infrared transmitter units, depending on the model Roomba you select.

IRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

The first and second-generation Roomba models needed to tell the size of the room. Newer Roomba models not required through three small buttons. Operates with internal nickel-metal hydride batteries. Requires being recharged from a wall plug. Newer models have the home base, the Roomba detects the base to charge themselves.

Newer generations of Roomba comprises when selecting pressing the power button, then pressing either clean, spot, or max. Whenever the clean, spot, or max button pressed. Will pause for a second or two then Robotic Roomba begins work. Detect bumping, the machine equipped with contact bumped into walls and furniture. Will limit Virtual walls to the Roomba to clean the areas.

Include four infrared sensors at the bottom, this will prevent the Roomba from falling over ledges or steps. Doesn’t map out the rooms, unlike Electrolux models, they are cleaning. Rely instead, on bumping into objects or walls to map things out. Based on the design of MIT technology, robots must equip controls mechanisms tuned to environments.

A little time, the Roomba will whistle, if it detects home base, will try to return. At that point, remove the dustbin from the rear, empty it the trash can. Designed not the Roomba for deep pile carpet, but, adequate to continue under the bed and other furniture. No longer sense underneath the floor, it will stop and whistle until you come and find it.

Robot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

Tired of home cleaning and don’t want to do by yourself. A robotic Roomba vacuum cleaner great addition. Leave the tasks to Roomba when vacuuming. Nothing easier than having Roomba around, help simplify home cleaning.

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