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Knowing the 5 different models of vacuum cleaners

Main types of vacuum
There are five major models of vacuum cleaners, each with a different function. Although some combine these forms to provide more benefits. By knowing what you expect from a vacuum cleaner models can help you choose one of the following more wisely.

Hand-held vacuum cleaners models are very suitable for cleaning hard-to-reach areas that need to be cleaned. The most common example of use is to vacuum a car, because as the name suggests. It can hold the models with one hand. Its versatility makes it a dream to suck out dirt and debris in various narrow locations. But not suitable for general floor cleaning, and it takes a long time to clean with a handheld device. This models of vacuum comes in various shapes and prices.

The canister vacuum cleaner is a pleasant medium between the upright model and the stick model. They are as powerful as a stand cleaner, but the frame is thin, just like a stick cleaner. Here, we can use a separate container connected to a long pole. Not only to maintain the carpeted area. But also to maintain the bare floor. Given its advanced and versatile design, this vacuum cleaner is often one of the more expensive options.

These vacuum cleaners are the most popular and most popular form of vacuum cleaners. You imagine a vacuum cleaner or see an advertisement in the media. The image you imagine may be an image of an upright machine. These models provide the most powerful cleaning for your home and provide the comfort benefits of easy-to-understand functions and accessories. Most people have used an upright vacuum cleaner at least once in their lifetime. Most models provide settings that allow these vacuum cleaners to be used not only on carpeted surfaces. But also on bare floors.


Although perhaps the least powerful vacuum cleaner model, stick vacuum cleaners can enter confined spaces. Play a huge role on hardwood floors, carpets, and lightweight carpets. This type of vacuum cleaner has a long stick-like handle and a slim structure. The slimness of this style makes it a perfect complement to any closet space. Because once it reaches its purpose, it fits into most corners.

Robot vacuum cleaner
In recent years, robotic vacuum cleaners have become popular, because they do not require your efforts. These vacuum cleaners can roam in your home and suck away any small debris on the way. Not only do they save you time. But they can also go where larger vacuum cleaners cannot reach, such as under a sofa. A major disadvantage of robotic vacuum cleaners is that they are expensive.

Is your home wood floors? Are these floors carpeted or bare? Is your home covered with carpets? These are the things to keep in mind before making the leap and buying your vacuum cleaner.

Bare floors:
If your floor is bare, you’d better use a model that provides a lot of accessories. Not as heavy as some others. By using a conventional upright vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors can cause many problems. These includes scratching your coveted smooth floor and spreading debris on the floor surface can be counterproductive. Some upright vacuum cleaners provide settings that are best for working in areas where there is no carpet. But in most cases, your best choice is to use a model like a drum vacuum cleaner. If you have carpet, it can also take care of your area Carpet. It equipped these vacuum cleaners sensors to ensure you remove the last bit of dirt.

Know your floor layout and the type of surface you have to deal with. That ensures your new vacuum cleaner meets your needs.

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The consensus is that whether you use a bagged vacuum cleaner or a bagless vacuum cleaner, either way. It will keep your home clean (as long as you continue to use it). However, some subtle differences may affect your decision to purchase one of these products.

Your family are allergic to allergens or suffer from asthma, a bagged vacuum cleaner may be best for you. When the bags emptied, dust exposure minimized, it guaranteed most bags capture all dust except 0.3% carpet dust and pollen. You should change the bags, although they are available in most supermarkets.

You are conscious and do not want to change the bag. A bagless vacuum cleaner is more suitable for you. These vacuum cleaners have a transparent canister that allows you to see the fullness of the vacuum cleaner. Which can help you determine when to empty it.

Research your options
Be sure to interact with the market to find the vacuum you need. Getting the right vacuum cleaner may mean invest that will continue to pay off for many years. To keep your home comfortable and clean. It is worth taking the time to research and make you and your family feel comfortable and refreshed.





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