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Lawnmowers Winter Maintenance Tips

Now, I hope many of you will read our Fall Maintenance Tips blog; you think nothing to do in winter. OK, think again! You can do much of work and tasks to keep the condition and performance of your gas mower. Keep in mind any of them may overlap. Own similar properties to those recommended in the early fall. But something should do this season. Other adverse effects occur during the winter.

Climatic conditions.

The main reason you should take care of your petrol mower in the winter. Gasoline doesn’t prefer the colder temperatures. So it will affect the fuel flow, so your mower won’t start or even start. Besides, we recommend you try to help those who do these tasks. Because of the year, you may have trouble completing these tasks on your own.

Helpful Hint

First, we recommend that you remove every excess gasoline from the fuel container. To avoid damaging inside the lawnmower. Avoid possible overflows, it will only make the work take longer and make you more nervous.

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Next, we recommend you drain excess oil from the mower. Same the way it extracts gasoline from the fuel container. Disposed of them, which may produce an environmental impact. The reason the same as removing gasoline from a lawnmower.

After that, remove the spark plug and place the lubricant in the opening (many people recommend on 50 mm). Then, rotate the motor once or twice with a pull wire. Apply this to make sure that the crankshaft and piston lubricated and ready for the next use.

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Maintenance Tips

Then, turn the mower to clean the bottom and remove any residue from the machine. This will limit the chances of a pleasing faulty lawnmower. It will reduce the likelihood of human or mechanical injury. Besides, we recommend that you use powerful WD-40s after this. To further enhance the condition of the mower.

You must replace the air filter and oil filter. But, we emphasize that it can clean the air filter. But if they make it off a paper, they must replace it without a doubt. Although this can do before you use the mower again. Best to do so now, in case you forget to use it again.

It should do this with protective clothing and accessories to avoid personal injury.


We hope that the techniques we have explained will give you the right platform. So that no major problems with the lawnmower in the spring and a delay at source gardening and cutting. Be sure to check out the Spring Maintenance Tips for Gasoline Mowers in the Spring.





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