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garden storage box

Outdoor garden storage box

Outdoor garden storage boxes solve store everything from pool toys to garden equipment in a safe and accessible place. To protect them from the elements. There are many styles and sizes of storage boxes to fit almost any need and fit any home decor. The key to choosing the right crate is to understand the pros and cons of each type. So you can decide which one is best for you.

The major considerations when choosing a storage box are durability, water resistance and overall appearance. You want something that protects your belongings in all weather and fits your patio/garden/deck design. Outdoor storage boxes come in many materials, including wrought iron, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass and wood, each with a unique look.

The type of outdoor garden storage box you choose will depend on what you need to store. The climate you live in. Outdoor boxes often have to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight. As well as other elements such as rain, wind and even snow. Waterproofing is a major concern, as you don’t want the box or its contents to be damaged by water.

Garden storage box

Plastic and fiberglass offer the best water resistance, allowing them to withstand the most extreme elements. They’re also light enough to move around, no matter the size, and they’re cheap. They also fade when exposed to sunlight for a period. Glass fibres can also become unstable when temperatures change, which can lead to cracks and splits.

One of the most attractive options for outdoor garden storage boxes is wood. Wooden boxes are often treated to withstand these elements and can cost more. But they are often the most attractive option from a design standpoint. While exposure to sunlight can white wood, some people like the look. So it’s not a big deal, but durability is okay. Despite careful waterproofing, wood is still porous and can be damaged by water.

Another option for outdoor storage is aluminum or wrought iron. Wrought iron is most commonly used in gardens and can be well decorated. It is durable and can withstand rain, snow or sunlight. But it is also very heavy, making it difficult to move.


Aluminum isn’t an ideal material for outdoor storage boxes because it doesn’t withstand the elements well. It is prone to rust and corrosion, and can even cause corrosion to other metal objects stored in it. There are designs that incorporate aluminum into other less corrosive materials like bamboo or rattan. But metal items like garden tools can still rust if you store them in these aluminum-lined boxes.

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The bottom line for outdoor storage, you need to find something you can use and last as long as possible. So don’t make the choice of storage bins. Consider all the options and find the one that suits your needs. Enhances the look of your home for years to come.

Outdoor garden storage box

Large Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box Grey Finish
Large Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box Grey Finish £299.99

This stunning grey finished wooden crate is perfect for keeping your garden tidy.
The box has a hinged waterproof zinc lid for easy access and tilts to allow water to drain.
Great for outdoor toys, cushions and garden tools. Can store outdoors or indoors.
External – H65cm x W104cm x D 60cm
Internal – H43.5cm x W90cm D46cm

Garden Boxes

Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box

This sturdy rustic wood storage box provides essential indoor and outdoor storage. Made from pine and zinc hinged slate cover for maximum weather protection and lifts for easy access to hidden storage.
The uses are endless, from keeping shoes and wellies dry at the front door. To storing lawn games, garden tools and other outdoor accessories. Use it indoors to store books, magazines and even toys.
This storage box is a versatile addition to the garden. A great alternative to a garden shed for those with limited space.
Note: The vendor provides this article. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

Gardeners Bits and Bobs Storage Gift Box Set

Gardeners Bits & Bobs Storage Gift Box Set
Gardeners Bits and Bobs Storage Gift Box Set £25.99

This gardener’s accessory storage box contains all the accessories a gardener may need during the growing season. The set contains all the minor items that can be lost. The storage box comprises 9 parts. To help you organise your items when you need them and keep them close at hand.

Set includes cane holder, jute rope, 10mm black mesh clip, plant clip, 13mm white pipe clip, 4″ plant tag. Recyclable plant ties, small cord ties and a wooden depot box with 9 sections.

The set covers
1 x 9 slot storage box section 25cm x width 25cm x depth 3cm
2 x cane supports,
1 x roll 30m roll of jute rope
30 x black netting clips
5 x plant clips
30 x 13mm silver pipe clips
15 x 4 inch jelly plant labels
15 x 7 Inch recyclable plant ties
50 x small cord ties 2.5mm x 10cm

Storage Boxes

Seed Tin Box Gift Set
Seed Tin Box Gift Set
Seed Tin Box Gift Set from £39.99

This seed jar gift set contains a variety of products grown from seeds. We are sure any gardener will love receiving this beautiful and very functional collection.
The amazing planter makes it easier for you to grow small seeds in seed tray cells or pots. Once the plants grown, plant them in the garden, still in fibre trays or pots. To prevent damage to the roots.
You can choose the colour of the seed pot, available in 3 colours, French Grey, Midnight Black or Vintage Cream. It made the can of powder-coated steel and comes with a hinged lid. Snap button and metal handle for simple movement.
Also includes a nifty hand cream, all in a ready-to-use box.
The gift set includes the following list of items:

  • Seed storage tin
  • Magic seeder
  • 3 packs of vegetable seeds
  • 20 pack of seed envelops
  • 12 pack of seed tin dividers
  • 36 cells seedling tray 4x5mm
  • 20 pack of wood fibre pots 6cm
  • 10 pack of wood fibre pots 8cm
  • Hand balm
  • Box – colour may vary

Gardeners Tin Gift Set

Gardeners Tin Gift Set
Gardeners Tin Gift Set from £27.99

Natural and practical gardening gift set. Gardener’s storage box with handy products.

This beautiful powder-coated steel box comes with 9 compartments filled with useful items for the garden. After using all the accessories. You can still use the jar to store those essential little gardening tools, or just recharge from Gardening.
This box is an ideal gift for any gardener with practical and useful content. Buy this practical gift for your parents, friends or grandparents that will last for years.
It made the case of powder-coated steel and is available in black or grey.
Tin Size – W 205mm x L 254mm x D 80mm (108mm with lid)
Comparment size W 63mm x L 85mm x D 70mm

Shoeshine Box
Shoeshine Box
Shoeshine Box £34.99

Perfect and practical to keep all your shoe shine products organised in this shoe shine box.
Constructed from powder-coated steel with an off-white chalk finish and simple “SHOE SHINE” text printed on the side.
It comes with a removable inner tray with three compartments marked with polish, laces and brushes. A bottom tin box for footwear accessories such as sprays, cleaners, insoles and polish.
Easily stored away in cupboards or shelving.
Dimensions – Height 25 cm x Width 24 cm x Diameter 19 cm

Photo by Devonshire on Unsplash

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