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DIY: Make a Homemade Vacuum Cleaner Using Plastic Bottle

DIY: Make a Homemade Vacuum Cleaner Using Plastic Bottle. A vacuum cleaner never makes a vacuum. It draws air in one side and runs this out the other. The dirt dragged into the vacuum cleaner along with this flowing air.

A distinction in air pressure produces air to flow into the vacuum to supply the air that is being taken out. Inside, a filter or a filter pack that holds the dirt, a strong, in and lets the air go. As a learning experiment, or to create the world’s cheapest vacuum cleaner, you can set up one from a few parts accessible to discover.

Homemade Vacuum Cleaner Using Plastic Bottle. Make your time valuable and useful, chances are without knowing it you may save money by becoming creative during your spare time. So let’s make a simple vacuum cleaner using garbage items ready to dispose of. This way you not only saving but helping the environment clean. For the materials prepare an empty plastic soft drink bottle, washing machine pipe, a dc motor, and saw. Empty spray paint can, solid wire, scissors, ruler, pencil, light drill machine. For motor power connection, you need one yard stranded wire, toggle switch.

Include this additional accessory, paste, double tape, styrofoam, empty small plastic bottle, straw, and filter. Now you can learn how to make a vacuum cleaner. It’s simple homemade vacuum cleaner, see how the vacuum cleaner works.

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Homemade Vacuum Cleaner Using Plastic Bottle

Children’s toy demonstrating the princip” (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel





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