Cause Evaluation & Treatment Recommendations


The true cure evaluation will provide you with personalized


Comprehensive questionnaire Included with your initial payment!
The first step of a the health evaluation is a comprehensive questionnaire.

The human body is a master work of intricately balanced chemical, mechanical and electrical signals. These work synthetically together to create a comprehensive and functioning whole. From the moment we are conceived this delicate balance of health is attacked by a hostile world. Only by understanding, knowing and finding just how you’re specific body has been assaulted can we begin to reverse or work around these damages.

The questionnaire is designed to receive information about all aspects of your health, life and well-being. It contains questions in regards to all biological systems, diet and lifestyle habits and physiological and emotional beliefs. With it, the practitioner is immediately armed with a vast amount of information that can be organised prioritised and sorted. The questionnaire builds the initial backbone of the clients timeline and provides an understanding of event/disease progression.

Not only is honesty a must when filling out this questionnaire, the more thorough and comprehensive your answers are, the greater advantage the practitioner will have understanding your case and reducing the time needed to identifying key biological disturbances during the initial consultation.



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