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Electric lawn mowers, if you own a small patch of lawn that you like to keep neat. Then you might consider an electric lawn mower a sound investment. An electric lawnmower is lightweight and quieter than its petrol counterparts. Electric mowers come in a variety of cutting styles including cylinder mowers, hover mowers and rotary mowers. Grass collection and Mulching electric mowers are available.


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All the electric lawn mowers we have an offer on our website come with the full manufacturer’s warranty. Our choice includes electric cylinders mowers by Allett. Electric hover mowers by Flymo and electric rotary mowers by Bosch, Mountfield, Cobra, AL-KO and Hayter.

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  • Electric Cylinder Mower
  • Electric Hover Mower
  • Electric Rotary Mower
  • Flymo Lawnmower
  • Mountfield Electric Mower
  • Bosch Lawnmower
  • Qualcast Electric Mower

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