Nutrigenomics DNA test


If you know your genetic characteristics and what genetic variation you have.


Nutrigenomics DNA Test is the Key to Recovery
If you know your genetic profile and what gene variants you have, then you are armed with a very powerful tool for maximising your health potential. We do not inherit a disease state as such, but rather we inherit a set of susceptibility factors to environmental influences that modify the risk of developing a disease or imbalance in the body.

Scientific evidence tells us that our genes are not static, but in fact responsive to the choices we make, which impacts on how effectively they express themselves. Gene expression is a way of explaining how we feel in terms of wellbeing and how effectively our bodies function.

Personalised genetic profile testing focuses on individual risk profiles, including specific nutritional or natural medicine requirements, in combination with traditional risk factors and the familial medical history. This effectively eliminates any guesswork around and what will work for you as the treatment plan is based on your own genetic profile.

The knowledge of genetic factors makes preventative and targeted medicine easier.



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