O3 Power Bundle


The O3 POWER BUNDLE is excellent for home usage and runs with:

US $1,340 – US $2,020


The O3 POWER BUNDLE is ideal for home use and comes with:
1 x Ozone Generator with 5 year warranty
1.5m silicon hose
1 x International power supply and plugs
1 Flow Regulator (medical or industrial)
2 x Ozone Insufflation Bags
10 x Ozone Catheters
1 x Limb Ozone Bag with in/outlet
1 x MnO3 Ozone Destruct Unit
1 x 3 way valve
2 x 60ml Syringes
2 x Ear insufflation connectors
6 x Luerlock connectors
4 x Stop valve to protect the Generator
1 x Oil Bubbler with Inhaler
1 x Water Bubbler with Destruct Unit
8 x High Concentration O3 Oils



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