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Zero Turn Garden Tractor Best and Efficient For Gardening Needs

Zero-turn garden tractor. The effective turning radius of zero-turn lawn and garden tractors is zero, suitable for lawns with many obstacles. They can close to the edges and mowing near these obstacles. So no extra work required to mowing or sanding around them.

Zero-turn garden tractors are popular in the commercial sector and used on golf courses and other larger lawns. Where mowing time and operation are important.

Toro TimeCutter Tractor HD XS5450 MyRIDE 74867
The Toro HD XS5450 TimeCutter zero-turn garden tractor equipped with MyRIDE can reduce mowing time by an astonishing 40%. This 2018 model benefits from zero turns, making it maneuverable in tight spaces and near garden obstacles. It can open the small rotating wheel at the front on the site. The powerful rotation ability saves your cutting time and makes these tractors popular among professional users. The anti-scalp roller helps HDXS5450 slide on the ground and prevent the score and scalp marks from making your lawn pristine.

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This Toro tractor uses two buffer blades (one on each side) to maneuver. It makes it easy to maneuver and intuitive to use. It is a well-maintained lawn or a neglected and overgrown area up to 10,000 square meters. This MyRIDE model is an ideal choice.

Zero-turn garden tractor

When mowing, your comfort is the most important. The advanced MyRIDE suspension system of HD XS5450 has an adjustable rear suspension operator platform to isolate vibration and shock. Using MyRIDE, you can feel smooth on rough terrain, and after a long period of operation, the tractor will drive. The wide 22-inch/55.9-cm rear tires provide smooth driving in all-terrain conditions, while also adding armrests and cup holders. This model has a 137 cm deck, durable and hard work 50-grade steel. This 3-shovel circulation tractor is designed to shred or discharged on the side according to your needs.


The model includes Smart Speed ​​technology, which provides three ground speed options for you to achieve the best performance. This low-cut range ideal for close-cutting, the mid-towing range is best for towing accessories. The high-cutting range is more suitable for cutting larger open spaces. They can set the cutting height in 13 positions from 38mm to 114mm.
The machine powered by a 708cc 18.2kW (24.5hp) Toro V-Twin engine. Which has reduced torque and noise compared with other machines in its class?

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Garden Euipments

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